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Topher is a full time freelance designer and assistant based out of New York City. His travels take him to various cities and theaters throughout the country.


The Early Years

Growing up in Redlands, a small suburb in Southern California, Topher’s proximity to LA/Hollywood, beautiful beaches, stoic mountains, and open deserts nurtured his love for both the outdoors and fast-paced city life. As an Eagle Scout, Topher developed leadership skills and a love for the outdoors and activities like rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, etc. Topher found his father’s old camera at a young age and quickly took up photography as an avid hobby.


Formal Education

During his undergraduate degree at California State University, San Bernardino, Topher ran numerous aspects of a local High School theatre program and taught both curricular and extra-curricular material. Wearing many hats including technical director; lighting, scenic, and costume/make-up supervisor; lighting, scenic, and projections designer; production manager; and more helped Topher hone his skills as a theatre practicioner and designer. At the university he helped start the first student produced production cycle, served as the Master Electrician for the department, and designed several realized productions. Topher went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Lighting Design at the University of Florida where he taught both existing and his own original undergraduate and graduate courses, designed for the main stage, and assisted on professional productions.

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